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Guide to O'Reilly for Higher Education

Note on Links for Faculty

O'Reilly for Higher Education supports our curriculum and goals of preparing students for future careers and lifelong learning and as such you are encouraged to link to relevant content in the curriculum.  However, please note O'Reilly is a subscription similar to Netflix, where content can come and go over time. It is a best practice to not link to just one book as a primary text if it is used in the majority of assignments, in these cases you should use VitalSource instead.  


O'Reilly's "Playlist" feature allows you to save items in different lists for viewing later. Because of the way we have set up authentication, O'Reilly will remember you from session-to-session without the need to create a specific account for them. To add an item to a playlist, look for the playlist icon.

O'Reilly playlist icon example

Linking to Book and Video Titles

O'Reilly allows direct links to content for easy access later. However, for the links to work with our authentication system, they need a minor edit.  After copying the URL from your browser's address bar, add the following to the end of the URL:


For example, this link copied from the address bar...

...would become:^u

In our testing this hasn't been necessary, but to be extra sure the link goes through the library's proxy service, you can add the proxy prefix "" to the beginning of the URL, creating:^u

Link Formatter Tool

To help form links, you can copy a URL from O'Reilly into the box below and see a properly formatted link you can then bookmark or copy elsewhere.



Copy the link below to access the title later:

The new link will appear here after clicking the "Reformat Link" button