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Guide to Mergent Online

What is Mergent Online?

Mergent Online is the most robust company research tool available in the PG Library. It offers a wealth of textual detail on descriptions, history, property, subsidiaries, officers and directors, long-term debt and capital stock. Powerful intuitive search capabilities combined with an easy-to-use interface, access to risk, ratings, credit information, and recommendations under one platform, make Mergent Online a perfect resource for your financial and business information research needs.

Why use Mergent Online?

Mergent Online is your best choice when investigating a company and gives you information beyond what you're going to find on the company's website, free online tools, or even through some of our other databases with brief company profiles like EBSCO and ProQuest. 

Other Mergent Online features and use cases:

  • Company financials that can go back decades.
  • Government filings and annual reports.
  • Lists of companies in a specific sector and location (country, state, or zip code). 
  • Executive lists.
  • U.S. economic and GDP snapshots and reports.
  • Company Supply Chain - follow a company's products and who a company contracts and partners with to make them.
  • The M&A Scenario Report allows you to review "what if" scenarios on mergers and acquisitions between entities.
  • Locate country and industry information, in addition to specific company information.

How do I access it?

Access Mergent Online anytime with this link: