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Guide to Issues & Controversies

Viewing & Saving

Issues & Controversies features several options for saving, printing, emailing, and linking to documents.  Options are right above the document's text.  

  • Save - Save the article to a "Saved to Folder." To use the folder, create a log in username/password and sign to your account accessible from the top right of the database. Print the item, or download the item to your device.
  • Share - Send the document you're viewing to your email. This is a permalink and will not "time out."
  • Citation - See suggested citations in APA and other formats.  Note: Like all auto-generated citations, these are almost never perfect, but generally close.  Watch out for capitalization and other errors.  Citations are generated by software coding, not handcrafted by a human APA expert.  
  • Standards -  Search state curriculum standards by subject area and grade level.
  • Read aloud - A computer-generated voice will read the document out loud.
  • Highlighting - Turn on/off highlighted keywords
  • Translate - Translate the article into another language.

The Table of Contents next to document text makes it easy to jump to a desired portion of the report.

View and saving example