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Library Resources for SS144

Assignment Introducation

In this assignment, you are to search for information about transportation and work during the American Industrial Revolution.

It may be easier to find some of that information in ebooks.  Below are search suggestions as well as pointing out some resources that could be helpful.   

Searching in the Library

In the search box on the homepage, put exactly:  "1820-1840" transportation "united states"
I know the industrial revolution was longer than that but, for this search, the dates seemed to work. Be sure to put the quotation marks where you see them.  That way, those words or dates will be more likely to be searched for together.  
United States was included in order to help limit the results to resources about the United States.
From this, item number 2 could be helpful.  Click on the Table of Contents to see the table of contents. 
There is a chapter on railroads that could be helpful. 
You could search for the following:  canals "united states" transportation history of 
From this search, item number 1 looks promising.  Click on Table of Contents to see the table of contents.
You could try similar searches for railroads and roads 
railroads "united states" transportation history of
roads "united states" transportation history of
Another search you can try is:
"united states" industrial revolution labor conditions
Below is items from this search: