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Career choice and culture search tips

When searching in the Library for articles on culture, you will get quite a few results related to ethnic groups as well as the culture of an organization. To help focus the search so more relevant articles show up in the results list, search using the term "organizational culture".  Below is a sample search.  Where you see nursing, that is where you would put your career choice.

In the large search box on the library's welcome page, type exactly: nursing "organizational culture"

Be sure to include the quotation marks around "organizational culture".  That tells the search engine to look for those words together. 

Click on Search

From this search, a couple of articles may be helpful.  If the articles are not helpful, the Subjects section just below the article information may be helpful.  That is where you can find other words to try out as search terms.  As you can see, the words high lighted in pink were already used for a search term.  The words high lighted in yellow could be another search term.

And from this article, "job satisfaction" could be used in a search. Just put the words into quotation marks.

nursing "job satisfaction"

nursing "work environment"

You could also try:  

nursing interdepartmental

nursing professionalism