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Library Resources for PS501

Search Strategies

For this assignment you are to find a research article in your specialization.  Below are search strategies to help you find suitable resources.

When searching for an article that talks about your specialization, start by typing your specialization into the search box on the Search page of this guide.  As you do that, you should see a list of popular terms.  Selecting one of those should retrieve research articles in your field. 

To limit the results to Peer Reviewed journal articles, look down along the left hand side of the results page until you see Peer Reviewed. Click on it.  The screen will automatically refresh.

While looking through the results list, look for articles that do NOT have "Literature Review" in the title.  That is a clear indicator that it is not a research article.Often, research articles will have words like study or case study in the title or in the abstract. 

Research articles will have a literature review section in them.  They will also have contain the following sections (or something similar: 

Take a look in the subjects section of an article that you like.  In that section you will see terms that could be turned into keyword search phrases.For example

Put the terms into quotation marks.  

  • "personnel management"
  • "industrial psychology"
  • "organizational behavior"
  • "employee training"
  • "older people employment"
  • "employers attitudes" 

They can be interchanged:

  • "personnel management" "organizational behavior" 
  • "employee training"  "industrial psychology" 
  • "older people employment" "employers attitudes" "industrial psychology"