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PubMed Library Guide

About PubMed

About PubMed:

PubMed is a citation database focusing on biomedical and life sciences articles.  It contains over 35 million citations.

It does not have full text articles. There are links to the publishers websites where the items can be purchased. 

PubMed gets its citations from Medline which is the National Library of Medicine's journal citation database. This is the primary source of PubMed citations.  It not only has citations for published articles but also the citation of in process articles.  In process citations are citations of articles that are in the process of being indexed by the medical librarians at the National Library of Medicine.

PubMed also pulls citations from PubMed Central and NCBI Bookshelf.  PubMed does provide links to NCBI Bookshelf which does have the full text of the books and chapters freely available.

It is a good place to search when you want to do a literature review on a topic because it does have so many citations.  If the Purdue Global Library does not have access to articles that you want to use, you can submit a document delivery request for it and we will try to obtain a copy for you. Here is a link to that service: