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Library Resources for PS124

What is a Peer Reviewed Journal?

For this unit, you are to select a topic that connects psychology with your intended career field. In a PowerPoint presentation, you must demonstrate the connection between current psychology research and your role as leader in this particular field. You must locate an academic (peer reviewed) journal article that studies a specific challenge that you may encounter.

Research Assignment

To search for peer reviewed articles about how psychology relates to issues in a particular career field...

  • Begin by searching via Google for trending issues in your field
  • Choose a trending issue (i.e. staffing problems, turnover, professional burnout, etc.)
  • Search that issue in the Library at the Search page of this research guide. For example, "early childhood education" "classroom management"
  • Be sure to select the peer reviewed box  (which limits your results to only peer reviewed sources)

Using quotation marks around phrases tells the database to search that phrase together. 

Additional search examples may include:

  • "healthcare workers" burnout
  • "legal assistants" salary
  • "law enforcement officers" public image