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Library Resources for NU300

About this list

This page was created to help you locate items in the PG Library. See your classroom for a complete list of required materials. 

Links on this page have character limits and other system restrictions that prevent compliance with APA Style. For help with APA citation style, visit Academic Writer.

A note about readings

Please check your Unit Readings to see the full list of readings including assigned textbook chapters.

Unit 3

Only textbook chapters assigned for this unit.

Unit 5

Note: Sample Articles for Unit 5 Assignment:

Review the research articles titles listed below. Choose one of these research studies that is of interest to you as the basis for your Unit 5 Assignment. Obtain a copy of the article from the Purdue Global Library using the provided links.

Web Resources (related to Unit Journal)

Unit 6

Only textbook chapters assigned for this unit.