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Library Resources for MN512

Unit 6 Assignment Search Tips

For this assignment, you are asked to discuss strategies for how you would promote a positive and healthy organizational culture as a nurse leader.  You'll need to find evidence to backup your thoughts and claims.  Below are steps and tips to guide you in your research.

In the large search box on the library's welcome page, start by typing in exactly:  "nursing leadership" "organizational culture" "promoting positive"

Be sure to include the quotation marks where you see them. That way, the words are more likely to be searched for together like an exact phrase.

Then, look just below the search button for the words Peer Reviewed and click on them.

Click on Search.

From this search, you will see articles like the one below that discusses how leadership creates an environment support of EBN:

And you will see articles like the one below for how to help address burnout.

The search is easily modified to focus on a particular aspect of organizational culture or even a particular work setting.  

For example:

  • "nursing leadership" "organizational culture" harmony
  • "nursing leader" "organizational culture" oncology
  • "nurse leader" hospice

Another strategy is to look at the subjects section of the articles in the results list for ideas of terms to use as keyword searches.

For example, in the article below, I have highlighted in pink where to find the subjects section.  And then, in yellow, I highlighted subject headings that could be useful as keyword terms.  See below the picture for how to turn them into keyword terms.

Simply put them into quotation marks, like this:

  • "corporate culture"
  • "hospital wards"
  • "work environment"
  • "cultural awareness"  (this term refers to foreign culture rather than organizational culture but, it could bring up relevant resources)

You can also mix and match the search terms to see what additional resources are retrieved.