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Library Resources for HR410

Shortcuts: T+D

We highly recommend learning how to locate a publication and search within it.  It's a good research skill to have!  However, for your convenience, the below links will also bring you to articles from TD: Talent Development.  

Finding Articles on Human Resources Development in a Specific Journal

There are three primary ways you can locate articles from a specific journal:

  • Locate the journal using the Publication Finder tool in EBSCO Discovery Service.
  • Do an Advanced Search in EBSCO Discovery Service and limit articles to those from the journal specified.
  • Do a basic search from the Library homepage or using the Basic Search interface in EBSCO Discovery Service to lookup the publication and search within it.

We'll concentrate on the final path for now, as it's the easiest!  

Since you need to find articles from the publication Talent Development, type that into the search box on our homepage (aka, EBSCO Discovery Service):  Talent Development

Screenshot of search for Talent Development

Note: EBSCO refers to this publication as just "Talent Development" in its Publication Finder tool, not "TD: Talent Development." 

Then, in a new window, you'll see this publication listed as the first result.  That may not happen with *every* publication if the publication name is really bland and common, but it should happen with most.  Under the title of the publication, there's a small box that says "Search within publication."  In this box, type in the assignment topic:  Human Resource Development

You'll then see only articles about HRD within the publication T+D.  

If you're still having problems finding articles, don't go it alone: ask a librarian for tips and help.