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Library Resources for HI150

EBSCO Discovery Service

Unit 4 Assignment Search Tips

Tips on What to Type:

Using EBSCO Discovery Service (the large search box on the library's welcome page), type exactly:

"clinical documentation improvement"

Be sure to include the quotation marks. That way, the words are more likely to be searched for together, as a phrase.  Once you've typed that in, click Search.  Results will load in a new window.

Below are some examples of the kinds of articles you should see in the results about this topic:



Tips for Navigating the Results List

You can use the options under "Limit To" on the left side column in EBSCO Discovery Service to limit your results to Peer Reviewed articles.  Clicking th box next to Peer Reviewed will re-load your search results and only show you peer reviewed articles. 

You could also limit results to just those from Academic Journals (very similar set of results to using the Peer Reviewed options) or select the option to limit to just Books, depending on your information wants and needs.