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Library Resources for HA550

About this list

This page was created to help you locate items in the PG Library. See your classroom for a complete list of required materials. 

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Primary Text

Please see the Readings area in your course for assigned chapters. 

Unit 7

No assigned readings for this unit.

Unit 8

Contemporary Ethical Decision-Making Models

Anderson and Davies’ Multidimensional Ethical Decision-Making Model (2000)

CORE-OPT Decision-Making Model/Four As of Ethical Practice

ACA Ethical Decision Making Model

Haslam and DePaul’s Model for Hip Fracture Patient

Inggs and Christensen’s Ethical Decision Making Model for Patient Choice

MEDSI (Making Ethical Decisions About Surgical Intervention) Model

Decision-Making Model for Student Protests


Healthcare Executive Ethical Decision Making Model

Articles that Discuss a Variety of Ethical Decision-Making Models

Germinal Theories Contributing to Contemporary Models