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Library Resources for HA535

Searching for Statistics-Related Articles

For unit 8 you are to find an article that uses inferential statistics like ANOVA, T-Test, Chi-Square, correlation, or regression analysis.  This guide will help you to find articles that use those types of statistics.

A basic search would include the type of statistic along with a topic like healthcare administration.  Starting with a fairly broad topic like healthcare administration will give you a wide range of articles to look at to help you find something that would have what you need to discuss in your paper as well as something that should interest you.
In the large search box on the library's welcome page or on the home page for this guide (and below these directions), type:  anova "healthcare administration"
Be sure to include the quotation marks around "healthcare administration" - that way the words are look for together as a phrase.  You can also click the option to limit to Peer Reviewed articles only to weed out any books or other unwanted publication types.
Once you type that in, click on Search

From this search, any results that appear will mention ANOVA within the text of the article or its citation information.  However, note that the article will likely NOT mention it in the title, unless the article is directly about the use of inferential statistics.

When you see an article that looks interesting to you, click on PDF Full Text to take a look at an article.

To take a closer look at the article, click on Download PDF just above the article on the blue bar.  


Once the article opens in another screen, hit CTRL and F on your keyboard to make a search box appear.  I used Google Chrome so the box appears in the my upper right hand corner.  Then, type anova (or the type that you chose to search for) into the box and hit enter.  You'll then see how often your search term is mentioned in the article and where.  Use the arrows to be taken to where that word appears to see if the article will be helpful.

 Below is an excerpted example so you can see how it's mentioned in this particular article.  There is also a table with ANOVA results on the following page and then the results are discussed a little further in the article.

Further down there is a table that shows the results for Analysis of Variance grouped by customer contact intensity.


You could try similar searches for the other types of statistics.
healthcare "t test"
be sure to use the quotation marks!
healthcare correlation 
healthcare "regression analysis"
You could also focus on something of interest to you in health care.
cancer anova
cancer "t test"
cancer correlation
cancer "regression analysis"
"health literacy" anova
"health literacy" "t test"
"health literacy" correlation
"health literacy" "regression analysis"