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Library Resources for CM202

Books of Interest

These resources can be a great starting point for your research.

Choosing Keywords

The tutorial below covers the basics of searching for information, identifying keywords, and employing search techniques.

Finding Information about the social impact of mass media

In this assignment, you must research mass media’s effects on the individual’s perception of the world. You must make a claim about mass media and a social effect, and then use three resources to support that claim. Your resources must be research-based.

This guide will look at how to find research and sources about the social effect & impact of mass media. 

Starting Out

Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) is a great database to begin researching. This database consists of reliable reference encyclopedias and handbooks, giving you an overview of the topic.

Suggested keywords and phrases to search may include:

  • mass media
  • mass media industry
  • mass media criticism

Finding Journal Articles and other Publications

To search for reputable journal articles, search ProQuest Central.


Keyword Bank: Mass Media and Society

Your strategy will be to combine words and phrases related to mass media with words and phrases related to things you need to know about it - like its effects within society, politics, economics, etc.  

Here are some keyword examples you can use to mix-and-match within ProQuest Central and other sources:

  • mass media effects on society
  • "mass media" politics
  • "mass media" economics
  • "mass media" "fake news"

The keywords mass communication can be used to replace the words mass media OR they can be used in conjunction with mass media. For example:

  • "mass communication" "fake news"
  • "mass media" "mass communication" "fake news"

This isn't a comprehensive list of every option, but it should help you start your research.  Remember that research is a process and you may need to try a few searches before you start finding exactly what you need. 

Also note that Proquest, EBSCO, and most of our other databases automatically assume the word AND between words and phrases, and using quotation marks tells databases to search exact words and phrases. Joining words and phrases will target (or narrow) the search to more specific results.  In other words, the more words and phrases you type in, the fewer results you'll see, but they'll be more specific.  

Need more?

You can also try expanding your research by using the search box on the Start Here page of this research guide. This box, powered by EBSCO Discovery Service, will expand the resources beyond just ProQuest Central and include everything EBSCO and our other databases has to offer.  

A suggested search to try may be mass media influence on society