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Library Resources for CJ355

Research Strategies

Throughout this course you are asked to research various topics related to homeland security and law enforcement. Below are some search suggestions to help you locate relevant and reliable information. 

Topics of Interest

Searches can be done directly from the Search of this research guide. In the search box, browse for resources about the Patriot Act. You will notice how typing the key words populates additional suggested keywords/phrases, which can be selected for a search.

Additional Resources

To search for reputable journal articles and reports, search Homeland Security Digital Library or ProQuest Criminal Justice. These resources focus on just criminal justice related topics. This helps focus your research and cuts out publication types unlikely to have good info on this topic like newspapers.

In ProQuest Criminal Justice, begin by searching the phrase chemical and biological attacks 

Additional searches may include the following phrases:

  • "police operations"  federal agencies
  • "police operations" non u.s. law enforcement agencies
  • collaboration "police operations" federal agencies
  • "law enforcement communication" intelligence

Be sure to use the quotation marks as shown; they tell the database to search the words together as a phrase, creating a more targeted search.