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Library Resources for CJ100

Assignment Research Strategy

Part one

For the first part of this assignment, you are asked to research the populations served by criminal justice personnel. 

The difficulty with this question is defining a "population." Populations served could be just about anything. For example, it could refer to the homeless, people with mental illness, public or private organizations, those in prison, those in a trial proceeding, the general public, victims of crimes, etc.

Consult with your instructor about this just to be sure you are on the right path.

For a search in the Library, choose a population (the homeless, for example) that is served by criminal justice professionals and combine it with a specific job title (or the more broad term of criminal justice professional).  

For example:  

"homeless population" "law enforcement officer"

This phrase can be searched on the Search page of this research guide.

ProQuest Criminal Justice is another great database to conduct the same search.

Part two

For the second part of the assignment, you are asked to search what society's perceptions are about the criminal justice profession. 

Some search phrases include:

"public opinion" "criminal justice administration"

"public opinion" "law enforcement"

"public opinion" police