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Library Resources for CE490


Research an educational theory to evaluate, and discuss how this theory relates to your teaching philosophy. 

Research Strategy & Resources

A good place to search is in Gale eBooks.

Search individual titles directly, or search all education reference books in Gale by subject:

Use the suggested search terms below to access information about learning theories and theorists:

maturationist theory

environmentalist theory

constructivist theory

Arnold Gessell

John Watson

BF Skinner

Albert Bandura

Jean Piaget

Maria Montessori

Lev Vygotsky

Erick Erickson

Howard Gardner

child development and learning theory

Additional Resources

Another great source of information are the education journals in ProQuest.

The phrase child development and learning theory is one search phrase to try, but previous terms and phrases used in Gale can also be searched in ProQuest Education.