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Library Resources for CE402

ProQuest Education Journals

Find additional education resources from ProQuest Education, a collection within ProQuest Central. 

GVRL Reference Books

Browse these reference eBooks from Gale Virtual Reference Library with the phrase family systems theory

Research Overview

For these assignments, you must research the literature about family systems theories. You are asked to compare the approaches to family, school, and community involvement, and discuss which approaches have been most effective. 

Research Strategy

To begin your search, try the phrase family systems theory on the Search page of this guide:

An initial search should yield a Research Starter. These are great overviews of topics, and can be a great place to start your research:

A picture of the Research Starter for Family systems theory.  With a very short preview of the content: Family systems theory developed from several prominent influences during the 1950s. These influences include general systems theory (GST).  There is a red arrow pointing to More indicating to click on More to read more.

 You may also try and combine search phrases. For example:

 "family systems theory" "community involvement"

Additional databases

More resources can be searched within ProQuest Central. For example, search the phrase

 "family systems" "school and community"

See below for additional search terms and phrases to help you locate information about family systems. Be sure to use the quotation marks as shown. They tell the database to look for the words together, and they can make search results more targeted.

  • "family systems theory approaches"
  • systems theory family
  • "family systems theory" "early childhood education"
  • bowen "family systems"
  • minuchin’s structural family therapy
  • ackerman "family systems"