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Library Resources for CE215

Books of Interest

These resources can be a great starting point for your research.


This assignment requires you to create a ‘mini-unit’ containing three lesson plans. The lesson plans must follow the same theme or children's book and use the same age group.

Be sure to follow the suggested research strategies on this page to get a better understanding of how to write effective lesson plans based upon the various developmental domains and learning styles. In addition, take advantage of the resources indicated on this page for a better understanding of early childhood education curriculum design.

Research Strategies & Resources

In the large search box on the Find page of this guide, start by searching the phrase 

  • "lesson planning" education

Combining search phrases may also be helpful. An example search phrase may be:

  • "lesson planning" education AND curriculum development:

You can also try the suggested phrases below. Note that EBSCO databases automatically assumes the word AND between words and phrases, and using quotation marks tells EBSCO to search exact words and phrases. Joining words and phrases will target (or narrow) the search to more specific results. 

  • "early childhood education" "curriculum development"
  • curriculum design  "early childhood education"
  • cognitive development  "early childhood education" "curriculum design"

Any of the five developmental domains can be substituted in place of the phrase "cognitive development." See the example below:

  • "fine motor development" "early childhood education" "curriculum design"

These same phrases can be mixed and matched in any combination. They can also be searched within ProQuest Education: