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EBSCO eBooks Update: Full Downloads Enabled

by Matt Stevons on 2021-12-02T10:51:00-06:00 in Library News & Updates | Comments

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Downloading short passages has always been possible, but starting today (December 2, 2021), full digital downloads of ebooks from EBSCO are availableYou can download ebooks in their entirety by clicking the Full Download link in EBSCO Discovery Service or the EBSCO eBooks database. 

For many titles, you will simply be able to download a PDF or EPUB version of the book in one download.  However, since the downloads are for an entire book, there is a limit to the download duration for most books, so for these titles you can also think of it as a digital checkout or borrowing of the ebook. Additionally, for most books, it requires using a MyEBSCO account or logging in with your PG Google account and either Adobe Digital Editions (for PC/Mac and mobile) or the official EBSCO app (Apple iOS/iPadOS and Android). It may take some setup the first time you use it, but if there are specific titles you will use heavily during your current course, it may be worth the extra bit of effort to download the title to either the Adobe or EBSCO apps.  The options available to you will appear when you click the Full Download link.  

For more information, see our FAQ entry How do I use the "Full Download" link in EBSCO eBooks?

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