As Cited In

In-Text Citations             


Signal Phrase

Quotation                                                                                     (Wright as cited in Bragdon, 2013, p. 223)                                                Wright’s report (as cited in Bragdon, 2013) stated, “Obesity research indicates people need to drink more water” (p. 223).                                              


(Wright as cited in Bragdon, 2013) Wright’s report (as cited in Bragdon, 2013) emphasized the importance of increased hydration in the prevention of obesity.    

Reference citation for a quote or paraphrase cited in your source that you also want to cite.

Bragdon, A. A. (2013). Obesity research. Medical Journal, 23(4), 223- 227. 

Note: Whenever possible, locate the original source of the desired quote. If the original source is not available, use this “as cited in” method by citing the source that you have while still attributing the quote in text to the original author or speaker of those words.