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Library Resources for CM220

Identifying Different Kinds of Sources

The links below will help you identify the various kinds or resources you may find while researching for your persuasive essay topic. 

Books of Interest

Persuasive Essay Assignment

Throughout the term, you will be engaging in various activities to help you build effective written communication skills. You will also be exploring ideas for your persuasive essay topic regarding a change in your community.

Keep in mind that an effective persuasive essay begins with a strong and arguable/debatable thesis statement. An arguable thesis avoids the "duh" reaction. For example, if your main idea is something generally agreed upon (e.g., schools should not tolerate bullying), then there is no need to persuade your audience with your argument. 

The examples on this page are intended to demonstrate research strategies to find both the pros and cons of your thesis topic.

Research Strategies

Getting Started

Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) is a great database to begin your research. This database consists of reliable reference encyclopedias and handbooks, giving you an overview of the topic.

Let's get started by researching the thesis that all public schools in the United States need mandatory anti-bullying education programs.

It may be a good idea to begin by researching the consequences of bullying in order to establish the justification for school-based anti-bullying programs. 

Suggested searches:

  • bullying effects on children
  • peer victimization effects

Finding Journal Articles and other Publications

ProQuest Central is the largest single periodical resource available, bringing together complete databases across all major subject areas. The database includes thousands of full-text newspapers from around the world. ProQuest Central searches ALL ProQuest databases the Library subscribes to.

Now let's imagine that we have found sufficient information supporting the initial argument for the need to establish school-based anti-bullying programs. Our research should now focus on the proven benefits of such school based programs.

Based upon the initial search results retrieved in Gale Virtual Reference Library, we can develop other relevant keyword searches. For example:

  • school-based violence prevention
  • school-based peer mediation
  • school-based anti-bullying prevention benefits

Need more?

You can also try expanding your search by using the search box on the EBSCO Discovery Service Search page of this research guide. This box will expand the resources beyond just ProQuest Central and include everything EBSCO and our other databases have to offer.  

Based upon the search results retrieved in ProQuest Central, we can develop other relevant keyword searches. We can even combine search terms and phrases to target better results.

Fo example, a suggested search could be:
  • school-based conflict resolution education "peer mediation"

Be sure to Include the quotation marks as shown above because they tell the database to look for the words together as a phrase.

When browsing through the search results, be sure to pay attention to article titles and subject tags, These can help you develop additional keyword searches. 

Other search ideas may include:

  • whole-school peer victimization prevention
  • school-based bullying prevention curriculum
  • curriculum-based bullying prevention